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Lung cancer is one of the largest killers in the Cancer disease. The risk of developing Lung cancer is increased 10-40 times if you smoke.

The cells of all living organisms normally divide and grow in a controlled manner. Cancer results when this control process is lost. A lump or tumor, known as the primary tumor can grow locally or spread to produce secondary tumors somewhere else in the body. This spreading process is called metastasis.

About 40,000 people in the UK die every year from lung Cancer/Carcinoma. It is the most common form of Cancer/Carcinoma in the UK and the most common cause of death from Cancer/Carcinoma in both men and women although it affects more men than women. In Malaysia, it is known to be the highest of all types of Cancer/Carcinoma.

Lung Cancer/Carcinoma Disease Symptoms

1. Chronic cough.
2. Worsening breathlessness.
3. Weight loss.
4. Excessive fatigue.
5. Severe pain in the chest or elsewhere, (possibly from the Cancer/Carcinoma spreading to a bone).

The most significant symptoms of Lung Cancer/Carcinoma is coughing up blood or haemoptysis. This can sometimes occur as an early warning sign of a Cancer/Carcinoma.


Sadly, most Lung Cancer/Carcinoma is diagnosed too late for curative treatment to be possible. In over half of people withLung Cancer/Carcinoma the disease has already spread (metastasized) at the time of diagnosis.

Others investigation is a chest X-ray. If a lung tumor is present, it needs to be at least a centimeter in diameter to be detectable by an ordinary X-ray. However, by the time a tumor has reached this size the original cell, which became Cancer/Carcinomaous has divided (or doubled) 36 times. As death usually results after 40 such cell divisions, it is clear that Lung Cancer/Carcinoma is a disease that is usually detected late in its natural course.

Others western inspection, bronchoscope - is direct inspection of the inside of the breathing tubes with a thin fibre-optic instrument using local anesthetic and is the best test for tumors in the main bronchi (air passages) in the centre of the chest.

Depending on the site of the Cancer/Carcinoma, a biopsy will be obtained either by a bronchoscopy or a needle biopsy. Needle biopsy is better for cancers near the periphery of the lungs (ie closer to the ribs than the centre of the chest), beyond the reach of the bronchoscope.

Usually, a sample of sputum - the material coughed up from the respiratory tract - will also be examined for cancer cells and this can avoid the need for biopsy.

A CT scan provides more information about how much the tumor may have spread.

There are three main types of Lung Cancer, based on their appearance when examined under the microscope by a pathologist:

* Small cell carcinoma
* Squamous cell carcinoma
* Adenocarcinoma


Lung Cancer Case : File No. 19048

Patient Mdm Sun Y. (74) from China was diagnosed with 4th Stage Lung Cancer. In addition to Lung cancer, she is also suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure and heart problems. Prior to her arrival to Malaysia to seek The TOLE's Master, she has been coughing 20-30 mouthful of blood daily. Communicating via email, her children communicated with The TOLE's assistant about her condition. According to her condition, Master prescribed 1 month of herbs for Mdm Sun to be consumed.

After 1 month, her condition has improved dramatically and her coughing of blood has gradually reduced. Nevertheless, she is now able to fly over to Malaysia for intensive treatment. She arrived on the 16th November 2010 and stayed in Malaysia for 2 months for intensive acupuncture treatment. During her last week of stay in Malaysia, she has stopped coughing blood. She left Malaysia on 12th January 2011 together with 3 months worth of herbs.

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